The idea for 220 Fitness/Wellness Center originated from conversations between best friends – Heavyweight Boxing Champion Wladimir Klitschko and Matteo – who were originally planned on opening a gym in New York City (at 220 5th Ave – hence the name 220 which also translated into Second to None). When Wladimir became too busy with his boxing career Matteo decided to strike out on his own and return to his gym roots – Los Angeles. Once back home in LA he relied on his previous 15 years of gym experience to recruit the most talented gym team in the City.

The 220 Concept

Matteo had in mind was to combine the smaller, more specialized studio based facilities that had cropped up all over the City with the more traditional common gym philosophy. And then to fuse the studio/gym concept with a Wellness component thereby encompassing all aspects of fitness and health. For example, a major differentiator between 220 and the studio model would be in offering more flexibility to the members. While most studio based facilities would send the member home if he/she was 10 minutes late for a class. In contrast 220 has three studios as well as beach classes so a member is very likely to find an alternative class to join (and may be pleasantly surprised with a new exercise experience at the same time!). In addition, 220 has amazing equipment and members are more than welcome to work out on their own or with one of our top tier trainers. 220 is ALL about having fun and enjoying fitness. Our staff’s primary goal is to make every workout a productive, relaxing and happy part of your day. We take great pride in giving you a wonderful experience![/row]