• Gerald Edwards

    Strength and Endurance, Sports Specific, Core Strength, Injury Prevention

  • Jessie Chancey

    Weight Loss, Nutrition, Weight Lifting, Strength Training, Core Specific

  • Chris Jerome

    NASM, Functional Movement Screen Expert. CPR/AED

  • Tiffany Savion

    (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer * Certified Nutritionist

  • Sam Evans

    Skills: Body recomposition Strength and Conditioning/Sports Performance Nutrition

  • Jamie Lebowitz

    B.S., Kinesiology from Cal Poly SLO(Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Sports Nutrition)

  • Pierce Lawler

    Weight Loss, Strength and Endurance, Multifunctional

  • Amick Viccellio

    Strength Training, Weight loss, Toning, Running, Functional Training

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